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Community Mobilisation

Project Objective:

To promote behavioural change through sensitising, re-educating and capacitating all sectors of the community on TVEP’S core themes using participatory edutainment as the primary form of information transfer.  

Rural Clinic Based Help Desks  

Project Objective:

To provide 15 communities with advice and guidance on their rights and responsibilities relating to TVEP’s four thematic areas and expand programme reach in the delivery of prevention strategies  

Zero Tolerance Village Alliance

Project Objective:  

To enable behavioural change by building empowered and supportive environments in which victims of sexual, domestic and child-based violence, and PLWHA, feel secure enough to speak out and exercise their rights, and,  

To revive the spirit of “ubuntu”, community pride and solidarity by enabling and encouraging targeted communities to adopt the eradication of sexual, domestic and child-based violence, and stigmatisation, as a common goal  

HIV Prevention & Support

Project Objective:  

In partnership with government Wellness Centres, facilitate and provide support services related to positive living and the prevention of HIV transmission with specific focus on women, children living with HIV and OVC.  

To contribute towards the attainment of goals contained in the National Strategic Plan (NSP) on HIV and AIDS.