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Strengthen and support the activities of the local TVEP initiated Civil society Network  

Develop and implement interventions aimed at empowering all members of the Thulamela District on TVEP core themes.  

Effective use of National and community radio stations to facilitate rights based debates and community mobilisation.  

Effective use of existing community theatre interventions to realise project objective, and mobilisation of alternative forms of edutainment.  

Review, publish and disseminate TVEP’s school work books.  

Lobby the provincial DoE for the inclusion of the TVEP’s workbooks into the life orientation curriculum  

Train educators on use of literature developed  

Development, promotion and distribution of IEC materials  

Develop and implement interventions to combat teen pregnancies in partnership with stakeholders

Develop and implement interventions to combat sexual harassment in schools & the workplace in partnership with stakeholders  

Develop and implement strategies to combat HIV/AIDS and SGBV-related stigma in partnership with stakeholders  

Participate in National days relating to TVEP core themes