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1. Identify innovative advocacy interventions in line with TVEP’s mission, that are informed by sound research

2. Ensure effective implementation, at district level, of government policy pertaining to the rights and treatment of victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and the HIV pandemic,

3. Ensure long-term sustainability of the provision of holistic, co-ordinated and high quality services to the victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and the HIV pandemic.


Note: TVEP’s advocacy focus for the duration of this strategic plan will be:  

1. Financial sustainability of the NPO sector
2. Universal Access to Female condoms
3. Human Rights vs Traditional practices 

Commission research into the allocation of budgets and corresponding implementation by service providers to leverage increased access by NPOs to government resources

Implement interventions based on the findings

Commission  research into the procurement, distribution and social marketing of Female Condoms in South Africa; Implement interventions based on the findings

Commission research into Human Rights vs Traditional practices; Implement interventions based on the findings

Provide research and advocacy support to all TVEP clusters

Lobby for the implementation of existing policy relevant to TVEP’s thematic areas

Facilitate research to inform current and future interventions ( Refer  to attached annexure for list of potential research topics)

Engage relevant government structures responsible for the implementation of policy

Identify and secure partnerships with research institutions

Participate in the Integrated Development Plan with the local municipality and encourage solidarity with the NPO sector

Actively promote participation with the IDP amongst other NPOs/CBOs

In conjunction with M&E, collect and collate evidentiary data to support advocacy & lobbying actions

Participate in Provincial, National and International activities that are relevant to TVEP’s mandate

Disseminate quarterly statistical report to relevant stakeholders

Maximise the efficacy of TVEP’s website

Marketing TVEP in Main Roads leading to Thohoyandou

Ensure all Clusters are fully familiar with the policies and protocols of all the government departments with which they interact

Ensure in-house reporting tools and channels for reporting of malpractices are clarified and utilised