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Human Resources
Plan, develop, implement and monitor effective systems and processes

HR development plan (skills development and recruitment needs) Management practices, including:  

Policies and procedures, in compliance with current legislation

Clear criteria for recruitment, selection, retention and promotion of staff

Revision of job descriptions

Annual salary reviews

Stress management for front-line staff (vicarious trauma avoidance)  

Training programmes (in-house) Incentives programmes (e.g. personal development programme)
Performance appraisal system

Internal communication programme (e.g. regular staff meeting, workshops, team building exercises, weekly bulletin)

Manage, acquire and retain committed, effective and skilled staff/volunteers



Job assessments  

Network and build relationships with academic institutions and international volunteering organisations

Opportunities for internships/research projects/youth projects/foreign volunteers’ expertise


Development and implementation of effective filling system

Use of ‘Shangrila’ office network

Efficient and accountable procurement,  distribution and administration of office supplies

Efficient coordination and management of office diary

Perform management secretariat roles

Maintain, monitor and control use and security of TVEP assets and premises

Maintain and promote effective use of  TVEP’s Resource library

Maintain and promote effective use newspaper cuttings library

Ensure comprehensive insurance coverage

Upload approved content generated by Advocacy to the TVEP website

Ensure callers and visitors are attended to in an efficient and friendly manner

Rapid response to, and documentation of,  service outages or breakdowns